Our products & services

Our core technology, MyPHI, is a novel, HIPAA- and FERPA- compliant health information exchange platform entirely controlled by the user.

With user authorization, our proprietary technology automatically accesses user data stored on diverse platforms (e.g., electronic health records, school records, health apps, or wearable devices.

MyPHI intelligently summarizes and organizes your data into a synthetic document that users can seamlessly share with people of their choice.

With additional user authorization, MyPHI also can automatically share the data with designated entities.

With MyPHI, no more logging onto multiple platforms, sifting through convoluted pages looking for information.

Our platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) retrieves and summarizes all data so that you user can share it with one simple click.

Our AI capabilities also generate data insights and evidence-based recommendations that empower the user to make positive health decisions and engage more effectively with care providers

We address a crucial need for individuals, communities and businesses.


95% of users would recommend MyPHI to friends and family for data sharing.

MyPHI data analytics platform combines data from diverse sources to generate insights that are integrated with evidence-based standards to provide recommendations specific to every user. The users also can share the data insights with anyone of their choosing.

In a primary use for parents of children with asthma, MyPHI gathers data from a child’s asthma medication use along with data on local air pollution. MyPHI can then alert parents to reduce exposure to environmental triggers of asthma while encouraging adherence to asthma medication to improve children’s health outcomes. That same data can be shared with the child’s Primary Care Provider and School Nurse, to guide medication adjustments and school-based interventions.

Our COVID-19 Vaccine Finder

MyPHI, working with local organizations and health care entities, supports COVID-19 vaccine efforts by providing an interactive platform that allows users to find a COVID-19 vaccine center near them and schedule vaccine appointments.