We Are

We democratize access
to data for health

Our Mission
To democratize access to data for health.


Our Vision
Every individual in every community uses health technology and data insights to improve their health, irrespective of socioeconomic status.


Our Motivation
MyPHI, a social impact enterprise founded in 2018, empowers people and communities of all backgrounds with data and affordable technology products to improve community health equitably.


The Beginning
MyPHI started as a conversation between three colleagues who recognized that institutional and legal barriers to cross-systems data sharing prevent effective care coordination leading to poor outcomes. Furthermore, lack of technology literacy and the multiplicity of patient-facing portals make it difficult for people to access and share data insights.


People Focused
While most health technology companies offer enterprise-facing data products, we focus on a person-centered approach. Our user-controlled information exchange platform empowers people to seamlessly access all of their data organized on one platform, share their data with whomever they want and use data insights for their own benefits.

Our solutions are user-facing and user-owned, to circumvent institutional and legal barriers to data sharing while empowering people and communities with robust data insights at a low cost.


MyPHI has received early local and national accolades, winning national and international competitions and gaining traction among healthcare, educational, and social stakeholders.

Seed funds obtained from local and national awards, along with the guidance and encouragement of early users, helped to move MyPHI from a concept to a valuable product, tested and approved by users, and bringing value to diverse stakeholders.


We strive to facilitate cross-system data sharing across the board, with a focus on enhancing health-to-school data sharing and care coordination for at-risk school-age children.