We Do

MyPHI, our novel, first-in-class, User-Controlled Health Information Exchange is the first data sharing platform controlled by the user.

Our Community Datamart gathers data from diverse sources and extracts insights that are made available to individuals/communities at no or low cost, to improve their health.


Our Innovative Financial Model

We create VALUE for financially able institutions (such as health and educational systems) by improving the health and wellbeing of their consumers/constituents who access our products and services.

When institutions pay for their consumers to access our platforms/services, they earn a Return on Investment through improved health/educational outcomes, reduced costs, increased revenues, and enhanced reputation.

We create a Win-Win-Win partnership for people, communities and the organizations that serve them.

MyPHI, the company, democratizes access to health technology and data insights for the benefits of all communities, with a focus on low-income communities.

MyPHI, the product, organizes health data using a data sharing platform, gathering user data from diverse sources

MyPHI, the concept, provides access through innovative payment models that ensure free or low-cost access to data and technology for all people and communities. For every product, we design a value proposition providing financially able organizations an incentive to pay for patient-facing technologies that improve patient’s health for the financial, health, social, and experiential benefit of all stakeholders.

MyPHI, the people, brings together a talented and highly motivated Team of Experts with complementary professional and social backgrounds who are all driven by the passion to improve individuals and communities lives through data insights and technology access.