Partners/ Awards



We were among only eight finalists of the “Google/AMA Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge” (2018), an international competition for which we received a monetary award and technical support from Google.
Link: Finalists named in AMA mobile health innovation challenge | American Medical Association (


We were winners of Phase 1 and 2 of the “Maternal and Child Health Bureau Grand Challenges – Care Coordination for Children with Special Health Care Needs” (2018 & 2019). We twice received monetary awards and recognition as an outstanding innovation that transforms care coordination for children with special healthcare needs.
Link: Winners | Maternal and Child Health Bureau Grand Challenges (MCHB – GC) (


We received a large competitive grant from The Communities Foundation of Texas to develop and support data-driven programs across North Texas to combat COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine uptake among vulnerable communities (2021).
Link: 2021 Annual Report – Communities Foundation of Texas (


We were one of only 10 finalists for the highly competitive “United Way Health Technology Innovation Challenge” (2021). Our novel patient-controlled health information exchange platform was recognized as an outstanding innovation that promotes health, income, and education among vulnerable North Texas children and families.
Link: Finalists for the Health Innovation Technology Challenge | United Way of Metropolitan Dallas (


Through our partnership with Fort Worth Independent School District, We are piloting MyPHI among school-age children with asthma or mental/behavioral health issues. MyPHI will facilitate communication and data sharing between school-based providers and community-based providers, including primary care providers and mental/behavioral health providers. We anticipate that better care coordination will improve health and educational outcomes for children, leading to less missed school/work days for children and caregivers, less revenue losses for the school district, and reduced parental stress. This pilot is partially supported by the prize received through the United Way Health Innovation Challenge.

Through our partnership with Fort Worth SPARC, we are making a positive impact in vulnerable communities in through data-driven and technology-enabled interventions. With support from the Communities Foundation of Texas, we are enhancing COVID-19 vaccine education and uptake in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex by combatting online vaccine disinformation through a combination of in-person and social media educational & motivational campaigns. We collaborate with other community organizations and Public Health institutions for COVID-19 vaccine referrals and administration. 

We continue to actively engage health, educational, and community organizations, to develop meaningful partnerships for community improvement.

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