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    Ivaylo Vasilev

    Ivaylo Vasilev

    MyPHI COVID-19 Vaccine
    Hesitancy and Uptake Program

    With support from the Communities Foundation of Texas, we are using MyPHI advanced data analytics/insights and Social Media expertise to support community efforts to reduce COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine uptake in North Texas.

    Data from diverse national, state, local, and social media sources are analyzed to identify zip codes with high vaccine hesitancy and/or low vaccine uptakes, which represent opportunities for interventions .

    Through a partnership with Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University, we have developed insightful analytics to characterize and profile populations’ vaccine hesitancy down to the zip-code level.

    We provide community organizations with insightful information about the zip codes with the highest opportunity for vaccine intervention, reasons for vaccine hesitancy, preferred vehicles for vaccine information, and barriers to vaccine access.

    With our analytics, we create an opportunity map to guide community-level programming addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and uptake.

    Our maps and dashboards are accessible to multiple North Texas frontline organizations, members of the Vaccine Community of Practice (VCoP) group funded by the Communities Foundation of Texas, who use our data insights to design, target, tailor, monitor, and adjust their community programs

    In addition, we work with our community engagement partner, Fort Worth SPARC, to target specific zip codes in Fort Worth with in-person and Social Media outreach to combat vaccine misinformation and empower community members to get vaccinated.

    We have created a database of short and focused Facebook messages addressing many of the myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccines. We amplify information from trusted sources of information such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC and World Health Organization) in a way that is more digestible and user-friendly for social media users

    We also make trusted sources of information readily available for Facebook users to access and review

    Together, our VCoP Collective impact is rapidly driving COVID-19 vaccine uptake in North Texas.


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